Sound in headphones, none in internal speakers with 11.4

I have a Toshiba A665 and this problem started with me as well. I’m not sure exactly when, I usually have external speakers plugged up to my laptop (it’s my main and only computer). My headphone jack is the only way I can get sound, yet in Windows7 my onboard speakers work fine.

Any ideas? Sound is working, but is there some secret-squirrel mixer setting I need?

Thanks in advance!

Usually it’s just a volume slider in the channel settings

KDE or Gnome?

It’s KDE, removed Pulseaudio, checked alsamixer internal speakers are on and at 100%, etc.

I just discovered the problem though, and I don’t think it was SUSE. Turned off the laptop, removed the battery, turned it back on without the battery. Internal speakers started working again. Don’t know what caused this to happen. I’m going to watch over the next couple days to see if I can determine the cause.

Thanks, sorry to clutter up the forums LOL

Figured out that the problem occurs after warm-booting FROM Windows7. Shutting the laptop down from Windows7 and then going straight into SUSE 11.4 works. This also occurs in Kubuntu 10.10 and 11.04