Sound has now gone to a faint

Hi, I need some help. My sound is now just a faint whisper, I have tried several different media, youtube, gamespot streams & DVD’s using xine & MPlayer with no luck. I have gone to the gnome control panel, then clicked on sound to see if there is a problem, everything looked ok…have you any ideas?
and yes I have the speakers on max and the speaker volume is on max on the control panel.
thanks for your help!

What about the mixer settings, set the slider up on those

Hi caf, yes they are up to full

Check in Yast - Hardware - Sound
See if the main volume slider is at about 70%

Also check here
SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE

caf, FIXED! thanks your always so helpful. Fixed PCM level which was around 15% and made it 100%. thanks again, till next time

We do what we can to be helpful. Good to know it worked and was appreciated;)