Sound fails after few hours

Using VLC and in new version, 11.4 sound disappears after few hours.
And also, what is in a SAX2 place now?
Really should go back to 11.1?

Check to see if another application has not seized the audio device and is not sharing it. You can do that by checking what applications you have running, or even checking the list of open files to the audio device.

Worst case, try restarting alsa with:

su -c 'rcalsasound restart' 

This guide: SDB:Configuring graphics cards - openSUSE

Not based on what you posted above. Move information is needed to make such a decision.

Thanks for replay. Already doing alsa restart. No other software introduced. Just updated from 11.1, where i didn.t had problems. I.m going for Pulse, who making problems. Why SAX are gone?

No, f* i.m going back to 11.1 . Sorry guys, 11.1 is last good version of OpenSuse. If you gona keep this way, noone will need this OS. I don.t need it and i can.t recomend to others anymore.

Sax2 is gone because the Linux and openSUSE community declined to support the software when Novell/SuSE-GmbH noted they could no longer maintain it given the massive changes taking place with new graphic cards, monitors, and with X (and udev/hal). SuSE-GmbH asked the community if they could pitch in and take over the maintenance, but the response was not adequate (to be polite).

So unfortuantely sax2 was dropped. No group had the resources to maintain it.

There is an openFate submission asking that a replacement for sax2 be created but again the same problem exists - who has the resources to produce and maintain it ? SuSE-GmbH have made it clear they don’t (the task is too massive) and the openSUSE community has not stepped forward to do this. IMHO the only way to get such a wizard is for the entire Linux community to take it on, and unfortunately the community is too divided.

grigorsnormunds, there is a lot happening with different hardware in Linux.

I have an old laptop with i855GM graphics, and the last Linux versions to work well on it are those with kernels that are version 2.6.27 or older. That equates to openSUSE-11.1 and I still have 11.1 on that laptop. Fortunately 11.1 is being supported by the openSUSE community Evergreen project, and by the Packman packagers for ‘essential’ multimedia.

But the newer 11.2 to 11.4 openSUSE versions ALL have improvements in most areas for most hardware. But NOT all hardware as sometimes there are unfortunate regressions. My old laptop (with 11.1) is such an example where 11.1 is better. BUT I have other computers (we have 6 in our apartment) where 11.4 is a MASSIVE improvement. There are many factors at work here.

Without the hardware information that I asked for, and that you declined to provide, its not possible for volunteers like myself to provide recommendations, even thou we want to. That refusal to give us the information so that we can help you (and possibly others with the information you might share) is disappointing.

Note also we are volunteers and openSUSE enthusiasts on this forum. We are not Novell employees nor SuSE-GmbH employees. On this forum we are pure volunteers who do this in our spare time, only because we want to be helpful and make the experience of others better. So when making your comments please take that into account.

Thankyou for your understanding.

And best wishes on 11.1, and please take note of the Evergreen project supporting 11.1.

No, f* i.m going back to 11.1 . Sorry guys, 11.1 is last good version of OpenSuse. If you gona keep this way, noone will need this OS. I don.t need it and i can.t recomend to others anymore.

I found pulse audio quite refreshing, better 7.1 sound control but hence you refuse to give even a tiny hint to what your hardware might be, quite hard to give help.
xine back end? on board sound card? newest fancy mega shazam card?

On a side note, last good opensuse was in fact 10.3 :wink:

(Saturday night <:) Kind Beers from LaGa)