Sound everywhere but not with KDE apps after online upgrade from 11.4 to 12.1


I have an issue with sound after I upgraded online from 11.4 to 21.1. I have audio on non KDE applications, for example seeing a video with totem or youtube on firefox or chromium, but any KDE application doesn’t have sound (notifications for example). The curious thing is that the sound test on System Settings -> Multimedia -> Phonon->Devices works !!

I have tried changing the phonon backend from gstreamer to xine but it’s the same.

All KDE apps or just notifications? Make sure the path is correct in the notifications. When i upgraded to KDE 4.8 I had to go in and make sure paths were correct. Also, xine backend is no longer being developed; I’ve had the best results with the vlc backend.

Yes, that’s the problem !! but is there a way to change the path of notifications without having to go changing them one by one ?


Sure, glad that’s all it was. I just went and put in “/usr/share/sounds/” in once then copy/paste it in front of the others. Took a couple of minutes. I’ve seen other attempts at resolution but it took longer to read about it than the time I spent actually fixing it.

Where did you copy/paste it ? on system settings ?

In front of each of the sounds.