Sound doesn't work on Nexuiz

Hi All,
the sound in my openSUSE 11.1 system works fine. I play Urban Terror 4.1 and through Wine many games, and the sound works fine, but in Nexuiz it doesn’t work. Is it a bug? Or maybe i haven’t setup well Nexuiz?
Thank you in advance,


I am going to move this thread in a short number of minutes to the subforum area “games” as this is likely not hardware, but more likely some software aspect missing wrt the game Nexuiz.

Ok, I moved this thread to the games subforum.

Hopefully we will get some users familiar with running games under wine respond.

Ops… sorry!

Are you trying to play Nexuiz under wine? Nexuiz has a linux binary just download the files to say /usr/local/games or something and then run .sh script for the version. This should totally avoid wine, and use the local sound card device. some distro’s bundle Nexuiz, but it really isn’t that hard to install.