Sound doesn't work for Realtek ALC268 HD Audio

Hi, can you help me configure the sound for this:
Realtek ALC268 HD Audio
It doesn’t seem to work.

You don’t say a lot about what you’ve tried when attempting to set it up

Incidentally I saw a post on another forum where someone had used the oss sound driver to get their realtek hd audio card working

Could be worth a try

Try working your way thru the openSUSE audio troubleshooting guide:
SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE

Ensure you moved both master and PCM volume controls up in your mixer to 95% when testing sound. After you have confirmed basic sound you can move those down to a lower level to remove distortion.

Please note that to determine if you have sound, please copy and paste the following speaker-test into a Gnome terminal or a kde konsole: speaker-test -c2 -l5 -twavYou should hear a female voice saying ‘FRONT LEFT’, ‘FRONT RIGHT’ five times. If you hear that voice, then you likely have an application or a codec problem. Post if that is the case, and the advice then will be different.

If you have no success with the audio troubleshooting guide, then I will need more information if I am to make a recommendation … So can you provide more very detailed information so a good recommendation can be given? In the case of openSUSE-11.1, you can do that, with your PC connected to the internet, by opening a gnome-terminal or a kde konsole and typing with root permissions twice:/usr/sbin/alsa-info.shthe first time it will update the diagnostic script, and the second time that will run the diagnostic script and post the output to a web site on the Internet. It will give you the URL of the web site. Please post that URL here. Just the URL.

Also, please to provide additional information, copy and paste the following commands one line at a time into a gnome-terminal or a konsole and post here the output: rpm -qa | grep alsa
rpm -qa | grep pulse
rpm -q libasound2
uname -a
cat /etc/modprobe.d/soundWe also need that output.

Note the ALC268 does work under Linux.