Sound card(s) for linux


I am building a new PC, after years of travelling with a laptop. I have decided to install the latest version of LEAP. I have been looking for a sound card that works well with linux but haven’t it easy to find a company that supports linux.

Could any one here make a suggestion at to which sound cards work well with OpenSuse? I don’t want to play games, but I do watch movies and listen to music and radio on my computer, so the sound is important.

Thanks for your help.

For what it is worth the sound chips on the mother boards have always worked just fine for me. Coupled with quality speakers the sound is good enough for my ears. In any case most sound cards should also work though some may need some tweaking.

I have been using an ASUS Xonar Essence STX for years on various releases of OpenSUSE.
The card works great, needs no external driver, and has always been detected by the OS.
ASUS doesn’t make the card anymore since they now sell the Essence STX II.
I don’t have first hand knowledge about the new STX II card, but I have read that the new card also works since kernel 3.16.2…
These are rather expensive cards however!