Sound card makes buzzing noises

Sometimes when I work in applications Such as msword with crossover 8, or kwrite typing tutor the application freezes and I have to hard boot the laptop in order to work again. After it freezes it makes a buzzing noise till I reboot it.

I have a dell studio 15 running Opensuse 11.2. Does anyone know a fix for this. Even if I turn off the sound the laptop still buzz’s.

Thanks for the help.:stuck_out_tongue:

I have a dell studio 1537 but I do not get a freeze.

I do note that if I am typing a word, and then I back space more fields than the length of the word, as soon as I exceed the number of characters in the word (when backspacing) I get a brief annoying buzz, but thats all I get. No freeze.

You could have “top” running while you do this to see if it indicates a process that has caused the freeze.

Did you look under /var/log/messages file to see if there is any indication as to what caused the freeze?

Well not sure what to look for but some times it freezes. it makes a loud buzzing noise that won’t stop till I reboot.
I think the current app will freeze if i happen to still be able to move I’ll try to vi /var/log/messages

It has happened with kwrite and msword.