sound card issue

greetings… i am having trouble with my soundcard… it is being recognized about 45% of the time… after i first noticed it i checked the sys log and found that the drivers were loaded so i checked all the logical places where the levels could have been turned down or off and such was not the case… i rebooted my system and the drivers loaded - i was thankfully able to hear my music ;)… i shut down and when i booted up the next day again no sound… i checked alsasound, inittab, init.d, and went into rc5.d (which was referenced in the start up script)… i even went into yast and checked to make sure that the sound card was properly installed and was indeed working… everything looked like it was in working order… so i shut down and rebooted - nothing… i rebooted again and the sound came on… so now this is where i am… this is what happens id say about one out of every 4 times i boot my system the soundcard gets recognized… i am running suse 11.0 on a gateway with an amd64 processor… my soundcard is an ixp sb400 ac’97 audio controller… i am still very green when it comes to working in linux only have installed it about a week ago… can anyone offer any suggestions as to how i can get the soundcard recognized on a regular basis… thanks… albee

Make certain you have alsa-firmware installed.

Next time you boot with no sound, don’t go into yast, but rather check your mixer. If your mixer setting is fine, type in a gnome-terminal / konsole:
su -c 'rcalsasound restart’

Let us know if that works.

i installed the alsa-firmware (yeah i read somewhere to do that and forogt) and have rebooted three times with sound so i will take that to mean its working properly… i will certainly keep that command handy just in case… thanks much for your help…