Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro and Yast

I have a computer a Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro
sound card.(pci card and break out box)
I have installed the CreativeXFi-kmp-pae driver
found on opensuse search for opensuse 11.1 32 bits.
Sound is working perfect but I can not see any soundcard under Yast hardware -sound device.
I want to use the midi port but it is not working
also the volume knob is not working.
Doe anyone know how to solve this.

Functional support for Sound Blaster X-Fi is relatively new under alsa in Linux, and I believe efforts are still being made to improve the driver.

If you obtain no answers/satisfaction from this thread, you could raise a bug report on openSUSE use of the driver as I suspect the alsa driver developers are looking for feedback on the driver use with X-Fi. There is guidance here for raising bug reports on openSUSE: Submitting Bug Reports - openSUSE
Please be raise the bug report against component “sound”.

I do not know if it is a bug maybe there is no support for the break out box but only for the PCI sound card.
Or it should be a bug that there is no sound device showing under Yast. I am just wondering.

First, I want to repeat, only if you obtain no answers/satisfaction from this thread, you should raise a bug report on openSUSE use of the driver.

As to WHAT you raise it on, is up to you. BUT I note this:

I highlighed in 3 colours items you could note in your bug report, IF you obtain no insight from the contributions of others in this thread.

Well I did post the bug nr : 546440
No Midi support is possible.
Better look for another sound recording card for Linux.

Wow! That was a fast response. Those replying are THE guru’s , … its kind of neat to watch them post back and forth. Keep an eye on the thread, as they may ask you to run something to come up with the PCI ID ?

Yes but I am not very happy with the answer :
MIDI isn’t supported, too, due to lack of information from Creative.
It is for a friend who wanted to switch from windows to Linux
I think he is gonna stay by windows now. no thanks to creative

Support for the X-Fi is very recent. Enormous strides have been made the past year. But for a person with only one PC, who wants Linux, I would recommend buy an interim audio card to use, until full X-Fi support is available. … or stick with an OS where there is X-Fi support.

Yes it is for one person and I have recommended M-audio delta interface. But I do not think he is the only one with X-Fi.
It was not a cheap X-Fi sound blaster card. Normally it is better to look for the right hardware supported by Linux before you buy it.

Well i have this sound card and at least in openSUSE 11.2 automatically recognized and configured, but as you say there is no device in yast. At least it sound, but hope that Creative give us a new driver with full external module support (soon… please xD ). About midi i didn’t test, i think that there is no support for SoundFont yet.

X-Fi driver is not developed for Linux by Creative but rather a private developer (with full hardware specs) and there is no need for YAST to recognize this card as the driver autoconfigures it.