Sound Blaster 5.1

I am planning to buy Sound blaster 5.1 — i want to know whether it work great with linux … Does any one have any info on this card on linux

Well My onboard is an usb audio… Apparently it sucks at many levels… I had sound blaster audigy value 7.1— which used ca106… It was a good card… Lately it went bad making my computer to shutdown without any warning…

Card I am Talking about is

Sound Blaster 5.1 - Delivers better quality audio than basic motherboard solutions

Yeah, I think that model has been supported for years. It has an EMU10K sound chip on it I believe.

I also saw that in alsa project… But it says sound blaster live 5.1… Well i found it to be not so good as a card in review in the internet… Only if i could get my C-Media CM6501 to work with linux… I have a 5.1 setup…

Well Got my cmedia usb sound to work… It is better than my old ca106 card sound gets 5.1 and all… only problem it sits in 7.1 speaker setup… (not that biggy though) --as alsa says it is fully supported it is fully supported… awesome