sound and mouse

The sound works fine except there is no graphical indication when I up it or down it or mute it using the buttons on my studio 15. There is in gnome but not in kde 4.1 The up and down buttons work but the mute doesn’t at all. How can I get kde to show me a nice graphical indication like it does in gnome? And how about muting?

In windows I used to be able to configure my touchpad to go forward and back in my browser by tapping in a corner. Is this functionality possible in opensuse?

I fast developing a love/hate relationship with linux. I love the features and the speed but setting it up to work correctly is torture. Any help appreciated.

If you want to see graphical indicators in KDE4 you need to configure your keyboard with keytouch.
Laptop extra keys - HOWTO.
The mystery of Fn keys - openSUSE Forums.

The mute works on my Studio 15 with kde-3.5.10.

I did nothing special … it just worked with the nominal openSUSE-11.1 installation.

Got the mouse touch zones working so I can browse back and forward easily.

I’m using kde 4.1 and the mute dont work. I tried the keytouch program and that hasn’t helped but maybe I need to tinker with it a while longer.

It all works fine in gnome including graphical indications without me needing to do a thing. I wish gnome looked as nice as kde!

Its probably another KDE4 problem. My volume control didn’t work either, with KDE4. Now, it works just fine with SuSE 11.1-Gnome.

Even if I’m configured my volume indicators they are not functioning example when the Flash sound comes back in Firefox :). Now I have 6 sound system / interface /whatever in my Control Center - and no one works without problems.