SOS freeradius (ISP issues)

hi guys
I’ve got a job in an ISP and we’re using the EXTENT RBS windows based software,and It’s really expensive.and now I wanna swich my windows 2003 to suse server and spare some money for my company,so I’m been doing some test on open suse.

I’v installed FreeRadius on Opensuse,everything is ok ‘the connection with tha NAS cisco ’ and’the mySql data base’ and I can see in the log file all the users who’s trying to connect “” CONNECT_REQUEST"".
but what I wanna really do is to send them back an IP configuration(ip address,gateway,DSN )I mean A radius reply(just like in the ISP where the is is dynamic).
is that possible with freeradius ?
any idea are welcome

thx in advance.

Sure, that’s what the RADIUS protocol was intended to do. However you are not going to get a free 2 hour intro course on RADIUS on a forum like this. There are lots of tutorials on freeradius out there. Most things are not distro specific so only minor details like pathnames might differ between distros.

PS: I would guess that freeradius has a forum too.

thx for the reply

my question was only if it’s possible,that’s all
now I’m gonna dig into it