Sorting in KDE doesn't work

Has anyone notices/fixed an issue with the unability to sort stuff for example in Task Manager or YaST?? What i mean is then you click certain “tab” to sort it by size or name it doesn’t work…

Installed from KDE Live ISO, and updated to 4.3.4; works, as they say, for me… :\

To be honest i also updated to KDE 4.3.4 but the sorting doesn’t work, if i open System Monitor and click the corresponding column then it doesn’t sort at all. Sometimes it worked but after a while it stopped, i restarted and it doesn’t work. It really is annoying since it also happens in YaST and i often want to sort it. Maybe i should file a bug?

I’have this issue too… i don’t know when change happened. any idea ? =(

It not happen in Dolphin, but at least in Akregator doesn’t work.

I have no idea, i only know that sometimes it does work but the other times it doesn’t. It is a minor annoyance but still annoyance.

BenderBendingRodriguez wrote:
> Maybe i should file a bug?

outstanding idea.


It doesn’t work with Konversation too =(. There is a way to log every time i click on the header column to sort it ?

I don’t think so, i am using the 4.4 Beta 1 and after initially working it stopped again.