( Sorry for the off topic ) I would like to install OpenSUSE , but

First i have to create a backup from my Windows OS .

I’m copy pasting the link of the thread that i posted on another forum , maybe you can help me out .

Can’t create backup ( Windows 7 x64 ) - Windows 7 Forums

You have a WD disk installed. With that I think that you can download the WD version of acronis trueimage and use that to backup windows. It is better and faster than the win 7 backup. Don’t forget to make the stand alone recovery disk.

I think it would be better to backup to an external disk which you disconnect while repartitioning for opensuse.

With 2 disks you probably have an option of changing the boot order and installing opensuse including the boot manager, on the disk that is not used for booting windows. I run my system with 2 boot disks. My bios gives me the option of selecting the boot disk. If you wish to use this technique and your bios supports it, do not forget to switch boot disks before installing opensuse

In general,
I’d recommend that you use any kind of backup program that has its own bootloader (that means today typically running from a CDROM or DVDROM).
IIRC Acronis has that option(standalone recovery disk). There are plenty of other backup apps, many of them image-based which can also be used (like Clonezilla)

I’m just guessing but if you didn’t leave a couple megabytes of free space at the end of your first disk, your disk arcpaths might be mixed up and you might be pointing your backup target at a forbidden partition.


The HD that windows is installed on would be better left alone.
Make some space on the other HD. Set it as the first boot device so you write grub to the MBR of that HD and setup a chainload to windows (the installer, should do that for you though)

Thank you for your help.

I have another question :

How to change the boot order to make Windows 7 the default start up?

Should i use this ?

GRUB2 Editor KDE-Apps.org


First tell us if you have actually installed openSUSE and if you have a grub menu that includes an option to boot windows…

Isit that you just want it to default to boot windows first?

On 03/03/2012 11:36 AM, lackoo wrote:
> lackoo;2445430 Wrote:
>> Thank you for your help.
>> I have another question :
>> How to change the boot order to make Windows 7 the default start up?
> Should i use this ?
> ‘GRUB2 Editor KDE-Apps.org’ (http://tinyurl.com/7h44m48)

How about YaST => System => Boot Loader?

I think i have to reinstall the whole openSUSE system .

1, the system didn’t recognize my second hard drive during the installation process
2, no sign of GRUB , after i restarted my PC ( Windows 7 boted automatically )

Taking this comment alongside your opening comment, leaves me scratching my head.

  1. How do you mean?
  2. Which probably means you don’t understand how grub works or the significance of HD boot order.

Installing again is fine, but you first need to understand what you are doing.

I’m a noob . :frowning:

Fixed the problem . Had to change the boot order of the hard drives in the BIOS . ( stupid Windows installed its boot manager on the wrong HDD )