sophos antivirus on-access problem


I installed Sophos antivirus. I started GUI and saw that on-access scaning is not active.

And found this in some log: On-access scanning not available because of problems during kernel support compilation.

What does that mean?

I can scan on demand normaly, but on-access…

check these links:

and note on the official site 11.0 is not supported (yet)

Sophos support told me to read this:

Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux: Using a custom built or unsupported kernel

But I dont know how to compile.

Can someone tell me, what I acctualy should do?

I am using version 10.3.


Sophos is using Talpa.

How to compile?

Before spending more time on this, are you expecting a lot of Windows originated files to pass through your system?

You don’t need anti-virus software for Linux if you are only using Linux generated files.

Even if you are handling a lot of Windows generated files, you may find that ClamAV will satisfy your needs and you shouldn’t have any problems installing it.

I tried ClamAV, but I couldnt update it.

I got licence for sophos, from my ISP for free. And I am volontiring on some forum which is solving windows problems with malware. So I need it sometime.

One my friend told me to install:


make (3.81)

and than to install sophos, but its the same:

Unable to load Talpa modules.
On-access scanning not available because it was not possible to obtain or build suitable kernel support.


I’m having the same exact issue. Has anyone found a solution to this yet. My Kernel is not custom, it’s whatever OpenSUSE gives me.

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