sony webcam

hi all:

i got opensuse 13.1 installed on an old sony laptop. it works fine so far but for some reasons i could not get the on-board webcam to work. here is the hardware profile for the webcam:

“Bus 003 Device 002: ID 054c:0107 Sony Corp. VCC-U01 Visual Communication Camera”

i know it is very old, probaly the drive isn’t “r5u870” but i would like to see it working. i followed the following links and installed three packages (firmware, default and desktop):

thanks for help


I’ve had a quick search of this chipset, and almost certain that no support exists for this device.

054c:0107   Sony   MOTION EYE VCC-U01   Integrate Webcam in Sony PGC-TRx   not supported

FWIW, there were a couple of Sony devices supported via the gspca driver, but not for your particular chipset.