sony vaio wlan suse 11

hi there,
i just bought a new sony vaio (VGN-FW31E) and installed suse 11.
everthing works fine save the fact that i cant get wlan to work.
internet connection works if i plug in a cable.

i allready installed a sk98lin driver and everything still works, but no wlan.

also in dmesg,lspci,… there’s not a single word about wlan…

any chance i can get this to work - i have absolutely no clue, where to go on from here, and how i could start the wlan…

any help really appreciated


As always with wireless problems, read the “Sticky” threads here:

Wireless - openSUSE Forums

and provide more information.

hi again, been to sticky…

and i cant really find anything promising about a Wireless LAN in my hardware although i’m quite certain, that a new sony vaio has some… somewhere…
my boot.msg (boot.log) don’t say anything about firmware.

the only thing wlan-y i can spot in my hw info file is

>> fb.1: read info
>> net.1: get network data
net interface: name = eth0, path = /class/net/eth0
type = 1
carrier = 1
hw_addr = 00:1d:ba:ad:b6:41
net device: path = /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1c.4/0000:08:00.0
net driver: name = sky2, path = /bus/pci/drivers/sky2
net interface: name = lo, path = /class/net/lo
type = 772
carrier = 1
hw_addr = 00:00:00:00:00:00
GDRVINFO ethtool error: Operation not supported
>> pppoe.1: looking for pppoe
>> pppoe.2: discovery
Attempt number 1
eth0: Sending PADI packet
Timeout waiting for PADO packets
Attempt number 2
eth0: Sending PADI packet
Timeout waiting for PADO packets
>> wlan.1: detecting wlan features
>> wlan.2: assign udi
>> isdn.1: list
>> dsl.1: list
>> int.2: cdrom
>> int.3: media
>> int.4.1: /dev/sda
read_block0: 512 bytes (5s, 0us)
mbr sig: 0x206a47ca
>> int.4: floppy
>> int.5: edd


by the way : when i try to create a new wireless
connection with knetworkmanager - the output in the console is :

WirelessSecurity::getEnabled false (null)

Yes, you have a wireless device (and without more information, that’s about all I can say).

No, “eth0” is not your wireless device and sk98lin is not the driver for your wireless (you don’t need it at all).

Getting Your Wireless to Work - openSUSE Forums

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What’s that DSL-connection for? Don’t you have a wireless router?

hi again, thanks for your help.

i determined that the iwlwifi driver could not be loaded.
see /lib/firmware/README.iwlwifi… ]

i downloaded a new version from the opensuse site search for iwlwifi and install the iwlwifi…-5000 driver ]

everything works fine…