Sony Vaio(VGN-CS36MJ) .Quick touch buttons not working

Sony Vaio…Multimedia Buttons not working
I have recently installed openSUSE11.1 on sony vaio laptop.There is some problem.
The multimedia soft touch buttons are not working.
How can I make this buttons (“capture” button for web cam and
“multimedia” buttons) to work.
It works on other OS.But i dont want to use other OS;/]

which DE you are using?
Which other OS you are referring? is it XP, vista?

Its KDE 4.1.3 with kernel
Quick touch buttons: are are working in Vista Premium came shipped with
Sony Vaio.

I too face this in KDE4.1.3. But when i upgraded to KDE4.3, all buttons works. KDE4.3.1 is out already, so you can update to the latest one.
Also KDE4.1.3 is buggy, so better to update KDE.

I checked with xev on terminal.The media keys are not getting registered in X when pressed.