Sony Vaio pcg-71312l/vpceb3fm touch pad not working on 11.3

Got this new Sony from BB on black friday. I also have the pcg-7184l that works fine and the specs looked very similar. Everything seems to work but the touch pad. I am running able to use a USB mouse with no issue. A search online has not been fruitful so now to ask the community. I am willing to start from basics because I am either overlooked something or missing something. On hardware info all I show is the Sony Jogdial and the USB mouse under mouse. That is making me think that HAL is not even detecting the hardware. According to Sony the windows driver is ALPS so for some reason this one is not being detected by the kernel. I had done a clean install and then updates but the touchpad still does not seem to work in Linux but it was working under Windows7 (has since been removed but I do have an image if I have to restore back to windows. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am Linux savy but please feel free to treat me like a noob. Like I said, I may be just over looking something obvious or this may be a driver issue.

So all I had to do is read some moreā€¦ So I added to grub as another option i8042.nopnp at end of kernel options. That did it so now good.