Sony Vaio P (gma 500 problem)

Installed openSuse 11.2 on Sony Vaio P.

To have gma 500 support I installed all packets for opensuse (…psb…) from here:
Intel GMA500 (Poulsbo) drivers for OpenSUSE 11.2

And I tried to startX.

I’ve got:

"Failed to load module “psbdrv” (module does not exist, o)

"Could not nmap framebuffer (0x7f6a3010,0x800000) (Operation not permitted) "

If I cp xorg.conf which use vesa (just standart driver, not psb, I am able to load X11.

Can anybody help me with this question?

What I have have to add (install) in order to have gma 500 working?

Thank you)

It’s telling you it cant load the driver module.
Looking at the repo, you need to match the kernel version to the version you are running. It’s probably best to add the repo in yast2>software and install from there, Choose the default module.