Sony HRD-CX220

Before I take my Sony HD camera back for a refund, I thought I would see if Linux
can recognize movies and pictures recorded on a Sony HRD-CX220.

(It came with no install disk which would enable me to transfer pictures from my camera
to my computer.)

I have the older HDR-CX110, and that plugs into the USB port to copy the AVCHD files to the hard drive. Then I use Kdenlive to edit and render a video. I’m using KDE, other DEs should work the same way, I would assume. If your camcorder has a USB port on it, my guess is that it should work. Hope that helps…

For Windows, this link might have something useful… hopefully

Sony eSupport - HDR-CX220 - Support


I went there and have tried 6 or so times and posted 2 messages to Sony’s website forum.

If I can get it to work with Linux, I probably won’t get a refund.