Sony ends production of Walkman

Sony Walkman Declared Dead in Japan, We Pour One Out For the Cassette

But the name has been licensed to Chinese manufacturers who will continue to make players so you will still see them in some parts of the world.

My cassette deck died about 10 years ago and I managed to digitise most of my cassettes just before its demise. I just finished the few stragglers using a borrowed player a few months ago.

When was your last contact with a cassette? Are there forum members young enough to have never heard one?

I’m 16 years old and I never listened to cassettes - Mostly CD’s.

then there are the young that just stair with a blank face at
" a 33 1/3" or “45” or a "78 "

and don’t know what to make of the wind up Victrola , with it’s BIG horn , that i have

On 2010-10-25 13:06, ah7013 wrote:
> I’m 16 years old and I never listened to cassettes - Mostly CD’s.

You should play with one, record and play. Fascinating, motors that move a tape, your own voice
coming out of the box :slight_smile:

My car came with a tape player, but it broke down. Pity, I had some tapes, now I only have a radio.
I would have to replace the thing with one with a usb plug or something similar, but…

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.2 x86_64 “Emerald” at Telcontar)

I had an LP collection a long time ago, lost it after switching to cassettes. Similar after upgrading to CDs. Moving around a lot, my CD collection never got very large, and now it’s all digital. How long do you suppose it will be before MP3s are obsolete?

That is probably not so likely because it’s a file format, and not a physical carrier. Formats don’t go obsolete. Given the specifications, they can be decoded. However, the MP3 files you have today may be regarded as quaint as 78s are in terms of sound quality when future formats may offer all kinds of high fidelity enhancements. I don’t have the foggiest what they may be, but look at the progress of sound reproduction and see how far we have come.

I don’t know, do you remember MIDIs? They were okay when disk space was scarce, but I don’t see them around anymore. I’m not sure if any players still support them.

They are still used by musicians for inter-instrument communication. It’s only gone out of fashion for games since storage minimisation isn’t an issue anymore, but you can still decode MIDI files, the spec is still around.

Maybe MP3 files will suffer that kind of obsolescence. Maybe it will be “what you still listen to recorded MP3s? I get my music live-streamed to my smart-thingy”.

I remember listening to 8-tracks.

I remember my first Sony Walkman. It had a clip on the back and you could put it on your belt, but it weighed a metric ton, so your pants were lopsided as you walked/jogged/ran. thup, thup, thup Man, I felt so cool wearing my headphones around the block, though! What a flashback! Thanks.

I want to listen to this song again. Stop. Rewind. whirl whirl whirl whirl… 30 sec later Okay, it was marker 00134… 126… close enough. PLAY. Woohoo! haha

Maybe that’s the way to go. That’s pretty much the direction where software and movies are going already. But I have a passion for collecting things and having my own library. That can get expensive.

Yeah, I’m old fashioned too, I still buy CDs and not downloaded tracks. Though I’ve got some free tracks now and then and I could be convinced to go that way. Ditto for buying travel guides by the chapter, now that I have an e-reader.

Hahaha, humorous memories, thanks! I know some parents who bemoan the invention of the repeat button for CD players. It allowed their children to drive them crazy on the same song, same song, same song, same song.

You might check out Amazon. They have a huge collection and Linux support.

I remember “auto reverse” to be such a big feature for some people :smiley: Amazing product Wallkman was. I hope to be able to fix mine, cause it’s seems as the easiest solution to convert all my cassette tapes in digital format(if I can use it’s output as input to the PC).
Btw, I still call my Sony mp3 player(with size of lighter) Wallkman :slight_smile:

That’s not exactly accurate. Most of “Music games” still use at least very close variations of MIDI(you know, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel), also some variations could be use for active score. But in general it’s true that most of the sound in games is streamed in some compressed format, lots of the games, if not exclusive, must be design as workable for consoles, which in best case one could say that will have around 500Mb available, and with requirement of full HD as usual graphics assets occupy most of them…Sorry to gone so off topic.

I already buy CDs from Amazon. However the problem is really an embarrassment of riches. You can get more world music than you have time to listen to over free-to-air radio (including good quality DAB+), Internet radio, etc. that I’m beginning to think I don’t really need to buy anything at all when I only play my items from my collection once in a while.

I started buying EP’s and LP’s when skiffle was around (remember that?). Now I have pretty well all the music I want as wav files. MP3 would do because I can’t hear much above about 2KHz these days. Old age s*cks.

Being able to buy the tracks seperately is useful for cherry picking the ones you like the best. Keeps the collection smaller so you might actually get round to playing it. :wink:

Still have a Sony Walkman lying in a cupboard. Batteries probably won’t recharge any longer. Knew I should have bought the AC adapter… Can’t be bothered now. :smiley:

Are cassettes still even being manufactured?

Are cassettes still even being manufactured?

??? i do not know .However i do have a brick of tdx-90
and some vhs ( still in the shrink wrap)

then the box of 1/2 used 3.5 flopys ( no 5 in any more)
then the still unopened MD mini disks

sorry no Edison cylinders

I still have floppies on hand, as well as some old zip disks. I would throw them out, but some of them will have to be destroyed manually, and I haven’t ever taken the time to do this.