Sony DVD RW Drive Issue

I recently replaced my old dvd burner with a Sony DVD-RW drive and openSuSE 11 seemed to recognize it fine. Now when I do anything, read, write, etc. it hangs up. I remember in k3b that it said that modprobe was being used, and I pressed continue and it was alright for that session. Then, I go try something else and it doesn’t do anything with the drive. The only way I’ve been able to reset whatever is wrong is by rebooting the entire system, since I don’t know what the issue could be and that I’m relatively new to open SuSE, but other than this so far it has been great. Any suggestions, or let me know ways I can get you guys more info. Thanks.

Well one thing to try if you’re dual booting is to see how the drive behaves in your other operating system. This would give you a good idea of the problem being hardware or software related.