Sony DRU-840A not useable in OpenSuse11.1

I am using an IBM T60P, OpenSuse11.1, with an externally attached (USB) Sony DRU-840A. It worked flawlessly under 10.3. However now, the K3B utility rarely recognizes that device is attached. When it does recognize it, it will will not recognize that there is a DVD in the drive, either single or dual layer.
I would greatly appreciate any assistance ya’ll could provide…

Tony …

I can’t help with your problem since there seems to be some bug in usb in 11.1.

I have 2 external usb hard drives and one usb dvd burner connected to this comp and when i am using 11.1,kde3, one of the hard drives seeks constantly. The drive is not available or mounted.

I don’t know if your problem is caused by the same bug as mine but it seems related.


I had to edit the system policy for removable usb media to become mountable.

Become super user or root,

use a text editor of your choice, i use vi.

vi /usr/share/PolicyKit/

scroll down, and make yours look like this.

<action id=“”>
<description>Mount file systems from removable drives.</description>
<message>System policy prevents mounting removable media</message>

There is a bug in 11.1 that prevents k3b from picking up cd/dvd burners as burners.

The solution is