sonnet.core: No language dictionaries for the language: "C"

I keep getting these error messages when I use Kate (I think): sonnet.core: No language dictionaries for the language: “C”
How do I fix it?

I assume that is because you environment variable LANG has the value C. This is a sort of system value and means: System English.


echo $LANG

And I can understand that when that is used to find a language dictionary for spell checking, it is not found.

Most of the time people have set their LANG to the langiage they want to see messages, etc in. I have e.g.

henk@boven:~> echo $LANG

What is the language that you expect from your environment?

|echo $LANG

I did not set this.|

cat /etc/locale.conf

I set the LANG to english. But the error persists. It is looking for a “C” dictionary. Where do I get this from?

Please better show what you did then telling vague stories. “Set LANG to english” is probably does not mean that you did


nor explains it where you did that. We can not look over your shouldsers or read minds. Sorry.

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 cat /etc/locale.conf


# echo $LANG

I set it in Yast2.
I think this is fixed. Thanks.

You are welcome!