Songbird - messed up OneClick-Install

Hey and ho out there!

Several days ago I tried to install Songbird on OpenSuse 11.1 using the OCI located at

Songbird starts as expected (what a great GUI!) but crashes when it should play any mp3 with a “Media Flow Error”. Here I stopped and contacted the Songbird developers.
Two of them took a very close look at the packages sources. Conclusion: They are completely messed up. After downloading the sources from Songbird Internet Services I am stuck.
Could anybody please tell me exactly HOW to install Songbird on OpenSuse 11.1?

Thanks guys. I appreciate your effort.

Songbird has encountered the following media core error: Internal data flow error.*** Seems like many other people have this… f***in’ problem.
Now why doesn’t anyone give me a HINT? Freakin’ Devs: TEST BEFORE YOU RELEASE!