Songbird drops linux

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Feh, lousy SOB’s!

Songbird singing a new tune? “The sound of silence” is an old tune.

My suggestion: install one of mentioned OS’s, install Songbird and listen to the “Balmer Jobs Blues”. Or don’t and enjoy the choice of alternatives.

They are gonna kill themselves as you know the linux community supported them, they will see why this was a mistake when they have no developers and there is a linux only fork of their program.

dunno… anyone actually using Songbird over Amarok?

I never liked Songbird so i won’t miss it. I prefer Amarok and Banshee. Songbird has crappy interface and other problems that made me uninstall it quickly.

Saw it once, thought it was utter **** and got rid of it.

No big loss.

For those crying foul, or just plain crying:
I had Songbird since version 0.2 stayed with it until 1.4 believe me it’s no loss. Even their windows version was awful. About the only thing that worked on it was that on webpages that had Music downloads. It would line them up at the bottom & then you could choose to d’ld them or not. Except for that it was pretty much a wasted potential type of thing. When it started there was reason for it but Amarok & Banshee have since passed it by.
Lastly, when it comes to the one thing it did well one can “google.”

Well, there is one thing that I liked about Songbird. It’s layout was nice. It superseded iTunes IMHO without copying it. But, to smite the Linux community like it did will just breed contempt in many Linux and unix-like communities.

One day, they just might come crawling back to FOSS OSes, namely Linux.

That’s ok, given what songbirds normally drop. lol! Never used it, so RIP…