Sonar icon theme in 11.2 does not correspond to screenshot

Dear all,

I do not know if this is the best forum where to post this issue.

I’ve recently upgraded from OpenSuse 11.1 to OpenSuse 11.2 using the method proposed in Upgrade/Supported - openSUSE. I had no problems with this upgrade.

After the upgrade, I installed the sonar icon theme, and I noticed that the icon theme is different from the screenshot posted in Image:112m8Desktop.png - openSUSE. Folders of the desktop are gray-colored instead of green-colored.

Curiously, the sonar icon theme posted in The Beautiful Sonar Theme | Tuxrocket does correspond to the screenshots.

Whereas the icon theme of the official repositories is associated to file sonar-icon-theme-11.2.2-1.2.1, the icon theme posted in tuxrocket is associated to icon-theme-sonar-11.2.0-2.1.

Is there any problem in the spelling of the icon theme ?

For your info, I’m using the x86_64 based OpenSuse 11.2.