Sometimes space key does not work when "Replying with Quote"

Just sayin…
Has been happening for more than a month now, up to 2 months when I first noticed this.

Am running
Chrome web browser Version 54.0.2840.71 m

At first, I just didn’t post the reply to that thread, then thought of my workaround…
Copy the quoted text, then close the reply
Open a general “Reply to Thread” (without the quotes)
Paste the quote into the new reply and continue.

This problem does not happen all the time, and so far I can’t determine what makes some Forum threads different than others.
I don’t even think it is related to posts by particular Users so isn’t likely related to whether the person is using NNTP or HTTP.

So, sorry to not provide enough info to troubleshoot, but it is a persistent while randomly erratic problem… other than that whenever it occurs, it’s definitely related to including a quote from the previous post and then it affects the input text box. If someone wants, maybe the next time it occurs I can post the source of the web page.


Looks like this;

already found the workaround. IIRC Chrome suffered from this some years ago.

I see in that thread:

>Hi all, the latest update to Chrome (11/6) corrects this issue. I
>have updated three computers and tested it and it seems to be 100%
>fixed. I am using 64-bit Chrome. Version 54.0.2840.87 m

That’s one problem we have with our particular forum. We have ONLY the
reply with quote option, we turned off the regular reply option a long
time ago because of a problem that has since been fixed. I lobbied a
while back to get the regular reply turned back on, but it was voted
down. You may want to consider it again.

Kim - 11/14/2016 8:26:11 AM

Good to hear that the problem was identified and fixed by somebody (it sure took awhile).

Just checked and it looks like my Chrome web browser silently updated itself and is now to “99”

Chrome Version 54.0.2840.99 m


Hey tsu2:

>Just checked and it looks like my Chrome web browser silently updated
>itself and is now to “99”

Did you check to see if it’s a problem in that version?

Kim - 11/14/2016 1:19:20 PM



Verified. It happens to me too in Chrome. Two options: Use another
browser or talk the forum admins into allowing a standard reply in
addition to “Reply with Quote” which is an option, but just isn’t
turned on for these forums.

Kim - 11/16/2016 9:27:34 AM

I hope whoever in a position to make decisions agrees with my general opinion (entirely without specific foundation looking at the vBulletin website architecture and code) that the problem almost absolutely is not with Chrome but with the library code (or actual code) relating to the textbox object. This is not usual or typical, because textboxes have been around for a very long time and the code methods for handling text input are well known(Typically, the content should be interpreted strictly as a text string to prevent any kind of code injection, optionally relying on specific allowed strings to permit HTML tags. In any case, I do not know of any type of attack that utilizes white space as an attack vector).

A general Google search returns a hit that vBulletin released a patch a couple months ago (Aug 2016) which may or may not be related but would be suspicious in its timing.

And repeating,
This typically is not something an End User like openSUSE/SUSE webmasters should have to deal with…
This is more typically part of the core of the underlying technology, in this case vBulletin.