Sometimes after a configuration change I lose my codecs

Then Amarok says it can’t play m,p3s. and i either click to find the codecs or reboot and it returns to normal.
Is there anyway to prevent this?

There are different builds of amarok, … and there are different sound engines which amarok can use. Which one are you using? and what openSUSE version?

I always recommend that users endeavour to install the packman packaged rpm versions of amarok, libxine1, and mad. The Novell/SuSE-GmbH variants of those apps tend to be crippled for mp3.

If you have not done this yet, then I first recommend you update your repositories per this URL: Repositories - openSUSE-Community adding Packman, OSS, NON-OSS, and Main Update (and no other) repositories.

Then install the Packman packaged version of:
and then in amarok select the xine engine.