something wrong with yast

Recently I installed WINE in opensuse 11.0. But I found that the Yast and Yast2 can’t work properly. eg: when I open any module of yast ,it said:“Error while creating client module OneClickIstall UI(or the like)”.
could anyone give me some advices?
Thank u very much.

Wine is not related to Yast in any way.

Oneclick Install’s are not part of your Yast.

Can you open Yast
Then click software management?

I am having a similar problem. Since updating Yast2 I cannot load the software management module (amongst others).

Error message for software management is:
Error while creating client module sw_single

I do not have Wine installed.

Many thanks for your help.

A good bit of advice is to either become familar with zypper from a terminal, or have a seperate package manager installed - like Smart

Did you ignore any dependencies when installing yast or zypper packages?

Second, could you please post the output of this command: zypper sl?

I have run into the same problem before, and it was do to installing packages from the wrong version of a repository and then ignoring dependencies.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

You were quite right, of course! I de-installed and then re-installed yast using zypper and all is now well.

Many thanks for the prompt advice.