Something like apt-proxy?

I have a classroom with 32 computers, all running openSUSE 11.0 . This classroom was installed last week, before we used Ubuntu 7.10 on the machines. I have a server (HP ML370) that works as storage for /home and gateway (with NAT) to the internet. I also run Apache/MySQL/PHP on it for developing LAMP-apps in courses.

My problem is that I have to mirror (rsync) the entire repositories for openSUSE locally on the server. Reason for this is that I want to limit the bandwidth usage. With Ubuntu I used apt-proxy, a nice little service that cached whatever packages that where downloaded from the repos. My clients used my apt-proxy IP-address and URI and apt-proxy downloaded the package from online repos if they not already where in the proxy cache. This way I could have a “mirror” of the repos but only with the packages that I use, not the whole mirror.

I’ve done some googling and found a new (?) thing called SMT that seems to do this in SLES. I don’t have a SLES server here, so I can’t use SMT.

Is there anything that can do what I want to? Is there anything like apt-proxy for openSUSE?

YUM may be what you are looking for;

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