Something is broken with forum login (since yesterday)

Yesterday, I logged in with konqueror. And everything seemed fine.

Several hours later (but less than the 9 hours), it showed me as logged out. Attempts to login got weird message. Originally, those were messages about a java class on a tomcat server. But later, I started getting messages about a redirect loop.

So I logged in with firefox. And that was fine. I still tried with konqueror, with the same errors.

This morning: firefox gave me a redirect look message, and I couldn’t login. So I tried again with konqueror, and was able to login.

But now, only 3 hours later, konqueror sees me as logged out and gives error messages about a redirect loop if I try to login. Fortunately I can now login again with firefox. But, I expect that after a few hours I will start having the same problem with firefox. I guess I can try “qupzilla” or “chromium” next. But I’m eventually going to run out of browsers to try.

And yes, I know that restarting firefox will allow me to again login with it. But I should not have to restart the browser several times a day just to access opensuse forums.

Something is broken, and needs to be fixed.

I had a more-persistent-than-usual redirect loop this morning when
accessing a related site, and had to delete the IPC-named cookie for the domain in order to move along. Maybe give that a try to
see if it’s similar (the backend authentication seems to involve that cookie).

Good luck.

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I have been having similar issues. The forum does not allow me to login and I have to request a new password. I have cleared my cookies several times and use KeepassX to store my credentials.

These are two different things. Please only one problem per thread.

And for the password:
Scroll down to “How do I change my password?”

Please note that the fourth step in the instructions given at that page say:

Enter your ID/PW and click on LOGIN

The OP states that he needs to change the PW, because he is unable to login with his username/password. Catch-22 (?)

Please note that the fourth step in the instructions given at that page say:

Enter your ID/PW and click on LOGIN

Corgi states that his password does not work. Catch-22 (?)

In any case, the Contact us link will give you a method to explain all your forums problems when you are unable to login.