Something blocking low TCP ports?

Good evening,

I recently reorganized my network. Before moving, all computers where just plugged in an ADSL router (quite standard) but now I have created two subnets, each one connected to its own network interface on my brand new OpenSuSE running server. The server should run some services, offer storage and function as a router and firewall. Nearly everything is back to normal now.

The only problem I have is that SMB traffic gets blocked on its way through the router. I asked for help on (here) and after some more investigation I noticed the server doesn’t forward traffic to the lower ports (1024 and under I think) I assume I can get more help here as it has to do with SuSEfirewall I think.

I have set FW_ALLOW_CLASS_ROUTING=“int” in /etc/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall2 and it works, I can ping computers in the other subnet, (with that set to no I cant) but accessing Apache on the other subnet doesn’t work. nmap shows some higher ports though, so I’m quite sure something is blocking (or just not forwarding) traffic on low ports. Even if I turn the firewall off and and net.ipv4.conf.all.forwarding on.

Thanks in advance

No one? This problem doesn’t seem hard to fix to me, if you know where to look. Unfortunatly, I still have this problem.

You need to create a rule to allow the smb port traffic through. I haven’t use ms networking for quite a while, but if you do a search on standard network ports, you should get the tcp port number.

A rule… where? :stuck_out_tongue: iptables?

Yes, iptables.