Something about kde connect

Kon privé sleutelbestand niet opslaan: /home/guus/.config/kdeconnect/privateKey.pem 

Kon geen ondersteuning vinden voor RSA in uw QCA-installatie. Als uw distributie separate pakketten voor QCA-ossl en QCA-gnupg levert, ga dan na dat u ze hebt geïnstalleerd en probeer opnieuw. 

I am seeing this after an update yesterday.

If I understand kde connect right, I can just uninstal it ?

My ideas:

  1. without translation, most people here in the English section will have no idea what the messages are saying;
  2. you forgot to tell where you got those messages, what did you do?

Yes, I am seeing that message when I login to KDE on Tumbleweed. I think it started yesterday.

The message disappeared too quickly for me to copy it. I’ll try again later. Since I have not been using KDEConnect, I’m not much bothered by it.

It shows up as a desktop notification shortly after login.

Aha, found it:

KDE Connect

Could not store private key file: /home/rickert/.config/kdeconnect/privateKey.pem 

KDE Connect failed to start

Could not find support for RSA in your QCA installation. If your distribution provides separate packets for QCA-ossl and QCA-gnupg, make sure you have them installed and try again.

I found it by clicking on the notification icon in the hidden tray.

I think I saw a recent bug report about this, but I don’t remember the bug number. I’m going to ignore it for the time being, and hope it gets fixed before it matters to me.

This morning, I found a Tumbleweed update to 20210616.

After that update, the KDE Connect problem seems to have gone away.

Yes. Confirmed with me too

That’s exactly (although translated) the error I got.

I can also confirm, todays update already Fixed it.

Full details about the bug/fix can be found here:

Shipped as part of 20210615, but anyone not ready to update can manually [FONT=courier new]zypper install qca-qt5