Someone once asked me to give info about me. So here is is for what it's worth

I am 75 years old, retired in 2004 due to massive heart attacks in 2002. My company was good enough to put me on disability for a couple of years, then into the good old government merry go round of social security and medicare.

My heart Ejection Fraction is 17 to 22% on good day, which not a lot of them are.
I shouldn’t /wouldn’t be alive if not for my wife getting me to the ER ASAP, and a bunch of Doctors and hospital staff being my guardian Angels.But I am.

I started in the engineering field while still in high school doing drafting work for a grain elevator builder, and it snowballed from there.
I was a Design Engineer for a large USA midwest/multi-national construction equipment manufacturer. In addition to that I was a trainer/coordinator for several CAD systems over a 20 year span, that last being one of the PTC ProE versions.

That got me to the the attention of the IT folks, and I set up and maintained HP-UX stations for 100’s of users. I bought a SuSe 5 CD set and a large PC to put it on at home to keep my hand in the game. I liked it(nice to see that Xfce mouse again on my laptop Leap start up)


Thanks for the background info, Bill, interesting read.

If you want, you can put some of that info in your Profile (Click on Settings on the upper right of these Forum pages), as you see fit.:slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing, Bill. Makes me feel a youngster here at 58 :smiley:

You are a young’un, especially when 60 is the new 40(or so I am told). But take this old man’s advice, STAY healthy!

My (automagically updated) age is in my profile for everyone to see – up until now, I was under the impression that, you’re somewhat older … >:)