Someone messed with Simple Scan

Whatever has happened to the save function in Simple Scan? I used to (in the days of OpenSuse 12.3 (or even 13.1?)) crop my scans and then save the cropped section to disk. If I cropped another section of the same scan, I could save it under another file name.
This feature was very helpful, for example, when one has a number of photos to be scanned … one didn’t need to scan each photo separately, but several at one time.

Now, (Simple Scan doesn’t ask for a file a second time so that all cropped images are saved under the same file name (i.e. the first one set after each scan operation)…What a pity…the time advantage of the old Simple Scan utility has gone! :frowning:

Why would anyone want to change the old way of operation? It was just perfect!

My current configuration: openSUSE 13.2 (Harlequin) (x86_64) 64-bit / Gnome 3.14.2 / Simple Scan


Roll back to the released version (3.14.0) of simple-scan?

Check the changelog for when the change was introduced, or create a bug upstream since it may be a regression?

…ooops, my mistake. The ‘save as…’ is still there as before. it is behind the drop-down menu ‘Simple Scan > Document > Save as…’

Hmmm…my apologies for the confusion…I’ll have my brain checked … :shame: