Somehow exists, but it doesn't...

This just has to be a bug in Opensuse: I installed postgresql-devel. It tells me that there is a file called /usr/lib64/
Now here is the kicker: When I enter " /usr/lib64/" into the bash prompt, it tells me “no such file or directory”. BUT when I directly enter it into nautilus (with ctrl+l, then type it into the box), it directs me to the file.
BUT when I search with the keyboard by typing in the same folder, it doesn’t find it.

gcc test.c -lpg

Just doesn’t work. Weirdest thing ever. (yes contains the /usr/lib64 folder), but here is another proof of how weird this is: ldconfig -v | grep libpg
gives me only the back, which I can also find via nautilus.

I’m asking out of curiosity, I will install from source soon because I need to get going.

Are you sure you don’t mean ‘usr/lib64/…’

ls -l usr/lib64/libpq*

Yeah I just realized it myself…