Some website's CSS/images won't load?

Hey all,

Ever since switching to openSUSE 11.1, I have been having problems with certain websites (using the version of Firefox that came with openSUSE 11.1). Some website’s CSS code won’t load until repeated reloads - for example, I’ll visit the website and it will be all distorted because the stylesheets did not load, and I will have to refresh a number of times before it becomes usable. Other website’s images won’t load until multiple refreshes, like facebook. It can get quite frustrating.

Is this an openSUSE issue? An openSUSE interaction with Firefox issue? I’ve never had this problem on XP or Ubuntu…any ideas? and facebook work fine for me any more examples ?


I was using Ubuntu and had some problems with Texas holdem in facebook, managed to fix them. Now I’ve switched to SUSE and some of the stylesheets won’t load in holdem again,ie players on line and the tables, casino connects ---- any suggestions as to what is causing these to not display? I’ve made the same adjustments that I had done in Ubuntu and still not working.