Some websites cannot be accessed

I install SUSE 12.1 (32-bit) to my Toshiba laptop computer. The WiFi chip on this computer is Atheros. At local library,,,,, can be accessed. Strangly,,, cannot be accessed. What is wrong with the computer configuration?


Faulty, compromised DNS servers used by the library? Sites banned by
the library?

What is the output from;

cat /etc/resolv.conf

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 (x86_64) Kernel 3.0.34-0.7-default
up 12:14, 2 users, load average: 0.56, 0.47, 0.39
CPU Intel i5 CPU M520@2.40GHz | Intel Arrandale GPU

When this is only at the local library, you could have guessed it is the library. What is the reason that you think openSUSE does block websites?