Some Video Streaming Is Lagging

I’ve got the multimedia plugins working so I can watch videos and streaming video. While on news page I read and watched some stories. All of the video I play from there has the video and audio out of sync. To see if it is my computer I went to Youtube and there are no lag problems there. Is there something that my machine is missing or is video from Yahoo just slow?

Here is a story I watched about technology. It is short. The first fifteen seconds it seems fine but forty seconds in and the difference between the voice and the video is big. Is it that way for others using 12.3 or other Open SUSE versions?

How (Not) to Fix a Cracked Phone Screen

My score immediately after watching the video was 13.36 Mbps download speed. My computer has 2 GB RAM and an Nvidea graphics chip but I don’t know which one. I’m using the latest Firefox browser.


It seems OK, but it’s not brilliant.
Do you have the nvidia driver installed?

Some spots say yes and some say no. I don’t know which is the one that matters.

Under Display it says I have the GT200 GeForce G210. Under Drivers it has two sections saying Modules. One says Active: No and the other says Active: Yes.

Under each Modules there is another Modules in the tree menu. One says modprobe nvidiafb. This one is under the one that says Active: No. The other Modules has Active: Yes, modprobe: Yes, and Modprobe nouveau.

A little while ago I tried streaming a movie at a movie site. The video lagged far behind the audio. I then watched a streaming TV show at a different site and it was OK. The video sources came from the same company called shockshare which is a file serving service.

So what do you think? If I could put a screen shot here of the hardware configuration I would but images aren’t allowed. It only allows linking to images that are hosted elsewhere.


Yast > Software > Software repositories > community list
Select nvidia > OK > OK

Yast > Software > Software Management
View by repository
Add if it isn’t already selected automatically

In the first segment I can get to Software Repositories. Once on that page there is nothing remotely resembling community list. The top of the page says Configured Software Repositories. The first thing listed is kde-extra. Everything below that says openSUSE-12.3- and then either Debug: Update-Debug, Update-Debug-Non-Oss et cetera.

That is where I’m left hanging. Maybe your 64 bit machine is different from my 32 bit machine.

While trying to solve a different problem on a different thread I found the problem with your instructions. You didn’t tell me to click the Add button on the bottom left side of the window. When I did that I then found the community list. I clicked it and found the Nvidia drivers line. I installed it and now I’ll fiddle with it to see if I get better results. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


Nothing changed. I went to the Yast Hardware section and again looked at the drivers section for the display. They remain the same even though I downloaded the Nvidia section from the repositories and restarted the machine.

Now I’m trying to find the VLC player because the Kplayer or whatever it is called doesn’t work.

I downloaded Pacman and community packages. I though such things would be in there.

You should follow my guide