Some random issues withe KDE4 (4.0.4)

I was wondering if anyone has these problems. I have looked through the KDE bug site and can’t find them.

  1. My system seems to be running a little hotter than KDE3 - just one or two degrees C

  2. I can’t access my smb:/ locations in dolphin or Konq4. I get crashes everytime. It works just fine if I start Konq3 (even under KDE4)

  3. karamba themes aren’t working anymore. They give an error about kore is needed (I don’t remember exactly - I will post again when I get home)

None of these are deal breakers, but just annoying. I know that KDE4 is still a work in progress. Each update gives greater improvements. But these things have been broken for the last couple of updates.


EDIT: running SuSE 10.3 not 11

Can’t say I have any of these problems. Though Superkaramba is problematic - I’m just looking forward to a more comprehensive selection of widgets for kde4.

I have found kde4 much more stable of late. At first, I was horrified and kept switching back to kde3. But not now. 4 is my main choice, thought I may as well get familair with it.

In the early days I had to delete my /.kde4 folder and start again. But not recently.

kde4 still has miles to go to compare to the rock solid stability of kde3. But it’s a new beast and we’ll all enjoy training it.

Thank goodness we can expect better than a re-hashed explorer.exe

Plasma will support Karamba widgets, Yahoo widgets, Google Gears widgets, etc. And there are more widgets in extragear and playground.

1 or 2 degrees C is a statistical anomaly. FWIW, I find my system runs a little more comfortable with KDE4 (ie. the fans don’t kick in).

That’s worth opening a bug report for at, since it shouldn’t be happening. Technically they won’t “support” build-service packages, but since it could impact 11.0, it’s worth posting.

Need more info for this one.


all that wigdets??
thats gona be great- but ill w8 till 11.1 for instaling kde4

In KDE 4.1 you can also use Widgets for MAC OS (X?)


I will file the bug report.

I’ve had the problems with Karamba off and on. It seems that every so often the build services packages will break karamba support. In a few days, or the next update, things get fixed. The error is about karamba can not load the applet because Kore is missing and/or corrupt. It adds that I should check the documentation for dependencies and re-install.

I have searched the repos for Kore and came up with some python packages (which I had installed, but re-installed anyway). But that was it.

If you need more information then I will try and get it tonight.


the bugs where already filed.
Bug 155689 - Dolphin and konqueror crash when trying to open smb:/

and here:

It seams they fixed it for 4.1 but did not backport to 4.0.x :frowning: