some questions about SuSE11

Dear Linuxer,

i tried out SuSE11 at the first time and i miss a telnet server. I need this for a configration in a “no internet access” LAN. The User still connect to the Linux Server over telnet and without a password.

In older SuSE Versions i create a user and delete the password with "passwd -d <username>. This doesnt work under SuSE 11, because the user cannot log in. Is there way to configure this? In older SuSE Version there was way to edit the /etc/pam.d/login file to log in as user without a password.

I found a telnet-server at RPM Search and install it, but on inactivity the shell?? logged off the user. If i try to reconnect to the server, following message was displayed: connection refused.

Can anybody help me? I’m only interrested on help and information about telnet-server and the login Problem. I dont want to discuss about security, telnet and ssh solutions.

thx a lot

Hey Fella,

by default telnet server is not installed on opensuse 11.0
yes you have installed a server via rpm, but i suggest you to install the one available by yast.

try: yast --install telnet-server
then start the telnet server located in /etc/init.d/