Some questions about how to customize/use SmeeGol

I posted this in the 1st impression thread but was told it would be better to open here a new thread.

Just some questions: Luckily i installed (on a Samsung N150) Smeegol. So far it works, safe the broadcom wifi (I’ll find out how to get that working, i think - i’m somewhat experienced in that by running a Debian distro in a G4 PB ;-). For the moment - Extremely nice! - a D-Link wifi stick works out of the box! Great! I’m completely new to Suse (and rpm packages, up to now i only used deb and, ecentually <alien> . . .) but i like the relatively painless way to upgrade and install new software (compared to the really complicated manner in the original MeeGo - i’m not a commandline freak :wink: )

Anyway, here my questions:

  1. In some way i lost the Media Item in the MeeGo menu bar. How can i re-install that? And, eventually, i could make Rhythmbox as the main media software?

  2. Can i install the MeeGo theme to the Smeegol distribution? And if so, how?

  3. How could i change the standard font a) in the applications b) in the environment (Nautilus ecc.; for that, i like better the original Meego) ?

  4. Is there an easy way to make the netbook working as a router (to the internet) by sharing the internet connection (like it is in Gnome Networkmanager)?

Thanks in advance!

PS. If someone has a llink to a step by step how to activate (and install) the broadcom driver i’d be happy about :wink:

Ok, replying to myself:

For the panel i found out there is a setup option in the control center - but you only could add (and you have to delete before one of the existing items) one out of two items (gadget and pasteboard). But there seems to be no way to edit the items.

Then, two additional questions:

I seem to have problems with sleep mode (and with closing the lid). When i try to awake the netbook it crashes. Among others i’m reading this msgs on the screen:

Starting vmmtoolsd FATAL: Module vmmemctl not found


[2616.484080] BUG: unable to handle kernel nullpointer dereference at (null)
[2616.484026] IP: <(null)>] (null)
[2616.492715] *pde=00000000

Moreover, i cannot change the brightness of the screen: In the controlcenter item"Energy and Brightness" is said: You can change the brightness using the keyboard. But while the audio settings work fine (Fn + left arrow & right arrow) brightness should be Fn + up (and down) arrow but doesn’t have any affect (and i don’t know if and how that could be managed in the keyboard setup).

And in the Controlcenter, the item Monitor (in the hardware sector) doesn’t show up anymore the build-in monitor (normally it does, seems to me, giving some options to change resolution and frequency) but only refers to eventual (but not existing in my case) external monitors. Is that normal?

Ah, netbook is: Samsung N150, 2gb ram, 250 hd.

Thanks in advance!