Some of the text is boxed/squared and not readable


I’ve been using tumbleweed for quite some time. But after an update some of the text is not readable. Like Visual Studio code’s dialog shows boxed character, whole ibus menu and it’s dialog shows boxed text. Though system dialog and menu are normal.

I think that’s some kind of font problem. I mainly see that when using “noscript” to block scripting in my browser.

I’ve not disabled javascript in chromium or firefox.? How do you troubleshoot this issue? any steps

If I’m not mistaken the problem is with GTK applications on the KDE desktop.

I have had this problem in the past because of my preferred font on KDE (Utopia). I was able to correct it by selecting a different font for GTK applications.

With the last KDE update, however, it appears to me that the module in “systemsettings5” for selecting which font to use for GTK applications is gone. I suppose this is progress.

For me the fix was to change my system font to something that works with GTK. I switched it to STIXGeneral but I’m sure there are others that will work.

I solved it by changing font from Courier to Noto Sans in

GNOME/GTK Application Style


I’m looking at GNOME/GTK Application Style. On my system it only gives me the option of changing among “styles” like Breeze, Adwaita, etc. There is no option just to change fonts that I can find. Although there used to be.

What am I missing?

Sorry for the late reply, but there is the screenshot of Gnome/Gtk settings panel in my system.

That’s odd.

According to KDE, the option to specify a different font for gtk apps was removed as of plasma version 5.18. It was decided that it was not needed.

Here is what my “GNOME/GTK Application Style” page looks like:

In fact, I reported this issue as a bug to

Which version of KDE (plasma) do you have installed?