some notebook keys not working anymore after upgrade


as is restarted my notebook yesterday i noticed that some keystrokes are not recognized anymore. This affects the logging maanger (SDDM) where i was able to use the onscreen keyboard with my mouse and after login directly in gnome and in the terminal.
Maybe it is broken, i had no change to test if it works when booting another OS (the notebook has not optical drive and i had not the time to create a bootable usb stick with another OS). I did not noticed this problems the last time before i was using the notebook (it did not broke during use) but a definitely did a zypper dup befure shutting the system down. So maybe it is related to one of the updates, i hope at least.

I posted this to get some tips on how to find out whats wrong… maybe to find out that this a know bug.

Uninstall libqt5-qtvirtualkeyboard first.