Some minor problems

Just open my PC.two things i notice.
1- when i logged in to opensuse, it opens around 6 Kate windows.
Even that i did not modify any system files.
2-Today three updates are available for suse kde4.1.i click on the icon to update that updates,then click install and it ask for root password.after giving root password,it didn’t start update,again showing me that 3 updates are available in the task bar. 3 times i try,nothing happened.

Any one got this errors before.


Any one have experience this?

Maybe u have some failed dependencies.^^
Try to update your packages in YaST.
Open YaST -> Software -> Online update, or open Software Management and search for package what has an update in opensuseupdater, and update it.

I hope this helps.

Thanks man, two of them are solved, now one remaining. which is about i have to add any repo.because i am trying to update, but it cant updating it.
description from update is:

After 11.0 was released, lots of users started complaining about problems when using PulseAudio. This set of fixes covers some of them, like blocking GNOME applications in some hardware, and a very obvious crash (for some people) in pavucontrol that was fixed in the 0.9.6 release, which was announced unfortunately after the freeze for openSUSE 11.0.

Take a look to this:

PulseAudio is used in openSUSE 11.0 for GNOME installations, it is not used in non-GNOME installs. This makes it a source of problems given the wide range of sound systems/applications being used in multimedia applications. That’s why if you are having issues with PulseAudio, before reporting them to our Bugzilla, make sure you read this article about the perfect PulseAudio setup. It contains information about making all available sound systems use PulseAudio for the actual sound playing.

I think, this is why you get that message. :slight_smile: BTW, take a look to this wiki: PulseAudio - openSUSE.
Maybe this helps.

You can read some posts about kde4 session management errors, here. Example: 9 instances of Krusader :slight_smile: Maybe you are experiencing the same problems.
Good luck.

Thanks ram88.

Thanks for refering to that Link. I have not looked at it for a while, and I see it was updated in June.

In my case (as an interested on looker), as a KDE-3.5.x user, I have not experienced the Pulse Audio problems that Gnome and KDE4 users have encountered in openSUSE-11.0.

I added a section-7 to the openSUSE Audio Troubleshooting guide, with a link to the openSUSE PulseAudio page. I’m hoping the audio troubleshooting guide will be improved even further in this area (by users with pulse audio “repair experience” ) , as time goes on.