Some keys not working MS 4000 keyboard

Various letters are not working on new Microsoft 4000 ergo keyboard.


So, that leaves the letter that sounds like a little round green vegetable,
the brackets (both) to the right of the little round green vegetable key,
the backslash to the right of the brackets, and
the letter between z and c that sounds like “eks”

I am willing to undo the screws and see if anything is disconnected inside; but, thought I would try this route first and see if maybe there is an easy way to correct this.

Also, do not know what the versions above the thread are for so sorry if I selected incorrectly

Hello and welcome to the forums.

That said, you missed to provide the most important information. The first thing asked to you is to make a choice of the openSUSE version you use. You chose OTHER VERSION. Because that means you run an unsupported version, it is then even more important you tell us which version that is. So please. When you do not know you can use

cat /etc/os-release

to find out.