Some KDE 4.4.2 questions on suse11.2


today I upgraded my 11.2 system to KDE 4.4.2. Basically this works. However there are two questions I was not yet able to find a useful answer for:

  • 4.4.2 offer strigi desktop search. The index process started and probably did its job but how can I start a search. I found a hint that dolphin can be used, but here I do not find any Menu entry that opens a search dialog (except for the standard file search window). What I found was settings->Toolbar and there I could add a search bar into dolphins toolbar. However this search bar only appears in this one window, if I close it and open a new dolphin window it will not appear again (probably a bug). Any other way to start a strigi based desktop search?

  • Again in dolphin I sometimes see strange folder icons for the folders in my home directory. Basically this is the default folder icon and after waiting a while all the icons change in that inside the regular folder icon a gray rectangle is displayed a the lower left side. No idea what this is good for. I goes away if I reload the folders content and then again after a while those strange icon appears again. It does however not appear for folders in eg /tmp only for /home which is on my system a NFS mounted filesystem.

Here is a screenshot:

Any idea what this grey rectangle wants to tell me?


I don’t know either. Right now I’m reading the openSUSE manual and the manual is saying that the supported desktop search solutions are kfind, Kerry, with Beagle doing the desktop search and indexing. Kerry is the frontend and Beagle is the daemon that does the index and cataloging. BUT, upon my standard install, Kerry nor Beagle are installed. Only kfind, and kfind just searches when asked to; it doesn’t have any index capability. Stay tuned.

Wow, the documentation was inaccurate when it came to search. See my above post.

Now, I got the search to work and I’m using Nepomuk as I type this. Here are the steps I did. I already have Strigi installed from my stock install. Krunner is apart of KDE base.

Open up krunner with Alt+F2.
Type ‘strigi [ENTER]’
Check the first button. Click apply. Click Ok.

Wait a couple of minutes (for the nepomuk index to build) and then search for a file by opening krunner, by presssing Alt+F2, and enter a string, you should see indexed files in the list.

I’ll have to wait and see how this solutions goes on day to day though.


found out some things more for my original problem. The rectangle in the folder icons was something related to svn. My home directory contained for whatever reason a .svn (and a .subversionrc file) directory. After I deleted it because I do not use svn for my home the rectangles were gone.

For searching I found that dolphin can do this job now. There is a new search bar where you can type in what you want to search for and dolphin will show the files matching. Works quite well. However I had to remove my old .kde4/{share,config}/dolphin* files before I was able to activate the new search bar.

Thanks for the tip to use Alt F2 works very similar to the dolphin search.

It seems that strigi does up to now not search through OpenOffice files. I cannot eg search for a word contained in such a file at least.


Oh wow I just had a blonde moment. Earlier I said that you can search for files using krunner, well it’s just results from recently used files, folders, and items in the KDE Main Menu. So, the quest to fix openSUSE search goes on.